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Author and Creator of an Original Space Fantasy

L.B. McGrimm grew up in the middle plains. Though there’s not a lot to see in fields cut by little rivers, his mind was awash with colorful creatures. He fell, infatuated with the act of tracing their lines on parchment at the tender age of five. But an ethosystem can be cruel, and shifting landscapes drove McGrimm into service for an armada where he spent years on battlefields. From decades spent in hells and heavens, was born Odd Creature Publishing, an original space fantasy legendarium. Now, having paid his dues as a literary scholar and experience connoisseur, McGrimm dedicates what remains of his time in sanctuary repose with his books, sharing his visions over cups of coffee with critters, his wife, and scores of other creatures accursed with the literary obsession.

Chapters 1 – 32: My Horrendous Journey

A young creature embarks on a voyage through Mighnd’s Infinite Expanses in search of his estranged mother. He crews aboard merchant levitation ships as a wayfarer bound to the mercy of psychopathic skippers, liars, thieves, cheats, and pirates. The dilapidated alien ports between voyages are owned by soul slavers, sex predators, blood-sucking frauds, and gangs of child-eating monsters. The wayfarer finally ends his journey years later, completely emaciated, with a horrendous truth as his final testament.

Chapters 33 – 47 Under Construction, to be released soon as a free novel for all Subscribers: "Irreproachable Thing" a novella about an intergalactic constable who hunts an Oager suspected in a chain of diabolical crimes through space and wayward worlds.


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