for those who would like to live in a new world of fantasy …


L.B. McGrimm is an American author/blogger who lives in Indianapolis with his critters. Though he lives to write, he also loves adventure, a feast with kindred spirits, subjective music, and a good cup of joe. His passion for fantasy was born when wandering through a dune sea, and happened upon a young wizard named Skywalker. An instrument landed in Luke’s hand, and the wizard used the green-bladed weapon to liberate a world from a tyrannical worm monster. L.B. McGrimm was bound to adventure from then on, flying through the cosmos with a boy named Pan; wandering through a deranged, rainbow wilderness with a girl named Alice; crewing aboard a homeric ship under a captain named Odysseus; wandering through hell with a man named Dante and a ghost named Virgil; making magic with a boy named Potter; liberating ancient Europe with a king named Arthur and his band of superhero knights; and swinging through New York City’s alleyways on chemical web-lines with a spider man. L.B. McGrimm was there when beowulf was seduced, crowned, and destroyed. He spoke out when Amanda Waller’s government betrayed the world’s greatest heroes. He witnessed a super-powered civil war. He strode with a ranger across the world and fought to preserve goodness in a burgeoning, hell-on-earth dystopia led by a powerful antichrist.

            The goal of Odd Creature Publishing is to build a new legendarium for fantasy enthusiasts, and innovate new stories within the fantasy genre. Mighnd’s Infinite Expanses was born from that idea. Board an ethoship, or swim, run, climb, or fly, and follow some of these colorful characters through Mighnd’s Infinite Expanses, and see for yourself.

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